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TextDeliver-Do You Want to Discover SMS True Potential?


•Vendor : Cindy Battye
•Product Name : TextDeliver
•Launch Date : 2016-02-11
•Launch Time : 11:00 AM EST
•Front – End Price : $97
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PROBLEM Reaching Out To Your Customers?


1. Is your sales plunging?
Many people faced the same issue. Sales plunging due to many factors. But you never realize that you have their contacts. They are not fully utilized. Facebook, Google, and many more companies, utilized them as revenue.

2. Have you done enough marketing?
You invested a lot on advertisements. Do they reach out to the correct people? They can cost you a bomb. Why not utilize customers’ contact from NOW? Take MASSIVE ACTION!!

3. How to retain existing customers and reach out to new customers?
Market has proven that, it’s easy to retain existing customers, if you reach out to them. You MUST interact with the customers. How would you do that? It is through SMS.

4. How different is SMS versus E-Mail Marketing?
SMS, old conventional technology, but it is still proven to be still effective as a mean of broadcasting information, just the same as E-mail Marketing. Market research proves that people look at the phone more than seeing emails. Thus, whatever AMAZING information you want to broadcast, can reach your valuable customer contacts.




TextDeliver, is created to address your problem. It manages text message campaign that you want to set. Many AMAZING NEW features are created to solve your problem. Revolutionary SMS Platform has proven to deliver 10x BETTER RESULTS than a Traditional Email Auto-Responder.


1. List Upload
You can upload an existing list of phone numbers/contacts to Text Deliver to immediately start marketing to them through the platform.

2. SMS Integrations
TextDeliver has been set to integrate Seamlessly with Twilio, CallRail, CallFire, Plivo, Weemo, Tatango, Trumpia, Wiggio. Thus, there’s nothing to worry if you have them.

3. Email Integrations
It also integrates Seamlessly with Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, iContact, ActiveCampaign, Ontraport, Interspire, SendReach, thus SMS can be sent from the contacts. You don’t have to maintain 2 source of contacts between TextDeliver software and your Email AutoResponder. Less hassle, easy maintenance.

4. Analytics
It too, gathers performance data and analytics from all of your campaigns, including opens, clicks, and click-through rates. Thus, you can easily perform your market research from all the information. It enables you to understand customers’ appetite and market.

5. Broadcast & Sequences
With TextDeliver, it sends out one-off broadcasts or automated SMS sequences that will be sent to your contacts based on the day/times you specify. Your campaigns can be started on time on a prescheduled maintenance. It’s great!!!

6. Lead Capture Builder
With this feature, you can Create, customize and publish landing pages, specifically designed to capture your visitors phone number and/or email.

7. Embed Anywhere
Simply copy the embed code into any 3rd party template builder/creator to capture new leads directly into Text Delivery.

8. Keyword Capture
You can Collect new leads by having them text a word to a short-code.

SMS is old, it’s boring, and it’s still an effective marketing tool. Juniper Research states that “SMS will continue to dominate the mobile messaging market for the next five years in terms of traffic: this type of messaging is well-established in the mobile market, with near ubiquity of availability on mobile handsets and high levels of adoption.”



Despite predictions of the decline of SMS, business-to-consumer text messaging continues to enjoy double-digit growth.

SMS just had its 20th anniversary and along with that milestone came a number of articles predicting its imminent demise at the hands of newer forms of mobile messaging.

OVERALL, MOBILE engagement between companies and their customers will continue to grow.

Our research has shown that while 66 percent of consumers would like to receive offers from brands they trust on their mobile devices, only 23 percent of consumers have actually received an offer from brands on their phones. I hope this TextDeliver review will give you clear picture of how SMS revolution can help you in business.

Companies are learning how to refine their marketing strategies to tap this opportunity, with mobile messaging forming an important part of the mix. Thus, TextDeliver program is here to help you to overcome your problems.

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